Wedding Tips: Making Your Wedding Unique!

Wedding Tips: Making Your Wedding Unique

Getting married is one of the most magical and important days of your life whether it is your first dream wedding or you are having a symbolic ceremony to renew your wedding vows. While there are infinite ways that you can make your wedding stand out with the location, the theme, or whatever the case is, the one thing that remains constant is the desire for making your wedding unique. When you book your dream wedding with Lucky Little Chapel, we help you plan every little detail to ensure that your wedding is unique, memorable, and most importantly everything that you want it to be. If you’re worried about falling short with your wedding or having a ceremony that is too cliche, then read on as we help you start making your wedding unique!

Your Wedding Theme

When it comes to planning your wedding, having a theme in mind when making decisions can narrow down the choices that you have to make. While you may not be the kind of person who has themed parties, your wedding will have a theme whether you want it to. The theme of your wedding will be composed of the decorations that you choose, the colors of the tablecloths, napkins, and lighting, as well as the kind of music that you play and the atmosphere that you create.

If you truly want to have a unique wedding experience then making sure that the theme of the wedding stands out is crucial. You can have a wedding theme that is unique to you both as a couple. Do this by incorporating elements of each of your childhood or personality into the theme of the wedding. This could be as simple as including your favorite childhood foods. Whatever you decide on, if it’s unique to you, then it will stand out as unique to your guests.

the Date and Time of Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception

In addition to the theme of your wedding, the time and date of your wedding will influence the wedding. If you have a Spring wedding at the beginning of the year, you will have different flowers, foods, and locations available to you than you would during the winter months. If you want a wedding on the beach then a winter wedding may be out of the question! But how do you decide when to have your wedding?

Figuring this out is easy. Simply close your eyes and envision your dream wedding. What time of day is it, is it indoors or outdoors, what is the weather like, where is the location? You’d be surprised how easy deciding on a time of year for your wedding really is!

Choosing a Unique Las Vegas Wedding Venue

Finally, the single most important thing to remember about having a unique wedding experience for you and your guests is to have a truly unique wedding venue. The venue that hosts your wedding can be as classic as a wedding chapel in Las Vegas or a church, or it can be as unique as a rustic barn or outdoor wedding! When you choose to have your wedding in Las Vegas, you give a nod to the classic “Vegas Wedding,” while having a truly unique wedding that is unlike any other in the world. And when you’re ready to book your wedding, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Contact the Lucky Little Chapel today!

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