How To Renew Your Wedding Vows In Las Vegas

How To Renew Your Wedding Vows in Las Vegas

Have you been thinking about renewing your wedding vows after all these years? A Vow Renewal ceremony can be such a beautiful and significant moment in a relationship where you can look back as a couple and say “I do” all over again! At Lucky Little Chapel, we love seeing vow renewal and commitment ceremonies because it is such an intimate and important milestone in our lives and we love to witness it! If you’re ready to renew your wedding vows in Las Vegas, we’d love to be a part of it! Here’s how you can plan your Las Vegas vow renewal ceremony!

What Is a Vow Renewal?

A vow renewal is a ceremony where a married couple will come together for a second “wedding” where they will each renew their vows and reaffirm their commitment to their marriage. A vow renewal ceremony typically takes place around the time of a milestone anniversary such as the 10th or 25th year anniversary. Although a vow renewal ceremony can happen any time and for any reason!

Do You Need a License for a Vow Renewal?

Because a vow renewal ceremony is not a legally binding ceremony, but rather a symbolic reaffirmation of your marriage vows, there is no need to do file any documentation. Your officiator may ask you to present your original marriage certificate, but more likely than not you will not need to present any documents for your commitment ceremony! That takes a bit of work off of your plate when it comes to planning your Las Vegas vow renewal ceremony!

Why Renew Your Vows in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a world-renowned wedding destination that has so much to offer! From stunning venues like the Lucky Little Chapel in Downtown Las Vegas to the countless activities from partying it up on the Las Vegas strip, Vegas is second to none! Las Vegas is also a destination for commitment ceremonies because some folks want the “married in Vegas” experience without any of the legal ramifications of actually getting married! Whatever your reason for wanting to have a commitment ceremony or vow renewal, Las Vegas is certainly the place for you!

Choosing the Best Vow Renewal Venue in Vegas

When it comes to choosing the best vow renewal and wedding venue in Las Vegas, you really need to decide what part of Las Vegas you want to incorporate into your ceremony. For many, coming to Las Vegas for a wedding or a vow renewal has so much to do with visiting a wedding chapel near the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas. That’s what makes Lucky Little Chapel the best vow renewal venue! We’re located just minutes from both!

Lucky Little Chapel Las Vegas

If you’ve been thinking that it’s about time to renew your wedding vows in Las Vegas, give us a call! Lucky Little Chapel is a premier wedding venue in Las Vegas that is committed to making your vow renewal ceremony a wonderful experience.

Speak with one of our Las Vegas wedding coordinators today and get the best deal for your ceremony!

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