How To Plan a Small Vegas Wedding

How To Plan a Small Vegas Wedding

Planning a small Las Vegas wedding this summer? Don’t sweat it! Las Vegas can be one of the most magical and unreal places in the world to host your wedding, and planning it all with Lucky Little Chapel makes it easier than ever, especially when you want to keep things intimate these days.
Like all weddings, there are a few big expenses or large ticket items that you need to make sure that you have covered, but besides that, it is like planning any other wedding! Here are just a few things you want to keep in mind as you plan your small Las Vegas wedding.

Choose a Season and Check the Weather

Coming to Las Vegas during the right time of year is crucial when you plan your wedding. There are obviously peak seasons and slow seasons, but more importantly, there are hot months most of the year. Las Vegas is infamous for its hotter-than-average summers, which you will want to prepare for. If you’re not ready to sweat through your gown, you may want to plan your wedding for the evening when the temperatures begin to drop.

Make Sure You Have All of the Required Documents

Before you can legally get married in Las Vegas, there are a few things that you need to make sure that you’ve taken care of on the administrative side. We’re talking about applying for a marriage license with the Clark County Marriage Bureau. Picking up a marriage license in Las Vegas is fairly straightforward and should only cost $77. Here’s what else to expect from your Las Vegas wedding. 

Book the Best Wedding Package for Your Needs and Budget

A common misconception about planning a wedding is that you need to break the bank to have your dream wedding ceremony. That could not be further from the truth.
When you plan a small Las Vegas wedding, you can find wedding packages at different price points that meet all of your Las Vegas wedding needs, including gown rentals and live-streaming the ceremony for your family and friends back home.
Speak with a Lucky Little Chapel wedding coordinator today to find the right package for your Las Vegas wedding. We offer wedding packages for small ceremonies and elopements with as few as 2 people and up to 25 people!

Lucky Little Chapel – Las Vegas Wedding Venue

When you want to plan the perfect small wedding ceremony in Las Vegas, Lucky Little Chapel is THE place to go. We offer fully inclusive wedding packages designed to make your Las Vegas wedding the most memorable day of your life. Book your wedding today and see for yourself why Lucky Little Chapel is the premier wedding venue in Las Vegas.

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