How To Pick Your Wedding Shoes

How To Pick Your Wedding Shoes

Your footwear is an important part of your wedding day. Chances are you’re wearing these shoes from the moment you walk down the aisle to the end of the night. So, factors like style, comfortability and color play a role. We’ll be going over how to pick your wedding shoes.

Picking Your Wedding Shoes Ahead of Time

The early bird gets the worm! Meaning, plan ahead when it comes to your wedding attire. Everything from the wedding tuxedo or wedding dress needs to be planned out to prevent any issues. Picking out your wedding shoes within the days leading up to the wedding is not the best idea. Issues like color, style and comfortability all play a factor.

It’s best to try on different shoes to match the rest of your wedding attire. Consider matching the colors or style to match the wedding dress or tuxedo. Once you have a certain wedding shoe in mind then speak with your partner about it. Communication over the final decision of the wedding is always important.

Comfortability vs Fancy Looks

Getting married at a Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas is a beautiful thing since the city has so many options to explore. Having a lot of options to choose from may also mean lots of walking. So, make sure to wear comfortable shoes. Always consider the comfortability of your wedding shoes. Chances are you’ll be wearing them from the start to the end of your day.

Wear wedding shoes that are a good mix between comfortability and fancy looks. Not all fancy style shoes are the most comfortable. So, be sure to try on your choices of shoes before settling on a pair. The good thing about weddings is that you’re the final decision on everything. Any style of shoe is accepted as long as you’re okay with it.

Best Wedding Shoes For Colors

The second tip in how to pick your wedding shoes is to decide on the colors. Your outfit needs to match your shoes. Having a color that may offset your outfit may not be a good idea. Brown shoes with blue tuxedos are always a great choice. For wedding dresses, white shoes with a white dress are another timeless look that many enjoy.

For anyone looking for a classic tuxedo look then consider a black tuxedo and black shoes. There are tons of styles and options to choose from. Overall, keep the colors in uniform to maintain the style and theme of your wedding attire.

Renting vs Buying Your Wedding Shoes

The third tip-in how to pick your wedding shoes is to consider renting or buying them. What ultimately decides this is your overall budget. It is possible to rent or buy your wedding shoes when planning a wedding on a budget. Renting wedding shoes tends to be much cheaper than buying them. However, wedding shoes can be a pair of shoes that you already own.

Typically, whenever you rent a tuxedo or wedding dress the shoes are already included. However, some rental companies may not provide shoes. So, it’s best to always ask beforehand if they provide the wedding shoes.

Other Footwear Factors To Consider

Another factor to consider when picking your wedding shoes is their style. Remember, you and your partner have the final say in every wedding decision. Whatever you are comfortable with is totally fine! So, sneakers or any informal wedding shoe is okay as long as both you and your partner are comfortable with it.

Chances are is that you’ll be up from the start to the end of your wedding day. So, wear any type of wedding shoe that you’re most comfortable with and has the best style!

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