Just as we tip at restaurants and bars, it’s essential to have an understanding of how much to tip our wedding vendors. As wedding expenses add up, knowing how much to tip professionals that helped your wedding come alive is a way of showing satisfaction with their services or common courtesy. But, how much exactly should we tip? Keep on reading to help you get an idea from Lucky Little Chapel on what you should expect to tip.

Tipping Tips for Your Wedding Vendors

Wedding planner

If your wedding planner did a phenomenal job at planning the wedding program, you can definitely tack on a tip of appreciation. Although a tip is optional, you can tip up 10-20% (up to $500) or gift them something nice. If you are planning on tipping your planner, you can hand it to them in a sealed envelope at the end of the reception party. You can also include a thank-you note!

Hairstylist and makeup artist

A tip for your hairstylist and/or makeup artist is greatly recommended. The standard for tipping your beauty professionals is 15-25% and this can fluctuate on the quality of their service. Be sure to give them their tip at the end of your service.


Tipping your wedding photographer and/or videographer is optional. If they don’t own the studio or company, you can consider around $50-100 as a tip that can be given at the end of the reception.

Ceremony officiant

We definitely recommend giving a tip to your ceremony officiant. If they are affiliated with a church or synagogue that you attend, you should consider giving a larger tip amount. Additionally, if you’re using their space for a ceremony, your tip can be smaller. Expect to tip before the wedding or have it on hand before heading to the reception party.

Catering and waitstaff

Generally, catering is often included in your invoice but if not, a 15-20% tip is acceptable. Although the waitstaff does not depend on tips, you can still consider $10-$20 per person.


Florists usually don’t expect tips, but if they’ve done a superb job with wedding flowers, bouquets and arrangements, a 15-20% would be a token of appreciation.


A 10-15% gesture is a great amount to start with when it comes to tipping your entertainment. As for musicians you hired for the ceremony and/or reception, $25-50 per band member is a reasonable range.

Wedding Transportation

If gratitude isn’t already included in the contract, be sure to tip your chauffeurs or limo drivers at least 15-20% for common courtesy.

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