Flower Girl Tips For Your Wedding

Flower Girl Tips For Your Wedding

Are you planning a picture-perfect wedding and thinking of including a charming flower girl in your procession? Flower girls add an adorable touch of innocence and beauty to any wedding ceremony.

If you’re wondering about the age, duties, music, or even alternative choices for what they can carry down the aisle, we’re here to help. Read on for some of our helpful flower girl tips to make your special day even more magical!

How Old Are Flower Girls?

How Old Are Flower Girls
The age of a flower girl can vary, but typically, they are between 3 and 8 years old. The ideal age depends on the child’s temperament and ability to handle the responsibilities associated with being a flower girl. Younger girls may find it challenging to walk down the aisle alone or scatter petals during a wedding or vow renewal ceremony, while older girls might take it more confidently in stride.

When selecting a flower girl, consider choosing a child who is comfortable in a crowd and can handle the attention. Keep in mind that younger flower girls may need more guidance and support, so be prepared to offer a helping hand or assign an older bridesmaid to assist.

What Do Flower Girls Do?

What Do Flower Girls Do
Flower girls play a special role in your wedding ceremony, adding a touch of charm and cuteness. Here’s a quick summary of their primary duties:

Scattering Petals: The most traditional role of a flower girl is to walk down the aisle, scattering flower petals along the path for the bride to walk on. This symbolizes the path of beauty and love that the bride and groom are embarking on together.

Walking Down the Aisle: Flower girls typically walk ahead of the bride, leading the bridal procession. They can walk alone or accompanied by a ring bearer, depending on your preference.

Looking Adorable: Flower girls are also there to look cute and sweet in their flower girl dresses, adding a delightful element to your wedding.

Does The Flower Girl Walk To The Same Song As The Bride?

Traditionally, the flower girl walks down the aisle just before the bride, often to the same music or song. However, it’s entirely up to you and your preferences. You can choose to have the flower girl walk to the same song, a different song, or even opt for instrumental music that suits the occasion.

If you want to create a sense of anticipation, you can have the flower girl walk to a different, lighter tune before the bride’s grand entrance into the wedding chapel. It can add an element of surprise and build excitement among your guests!

What Can A Flower Girl Throw Instead Of Flowers?

While flower petals are the classic choice for a flower girl to toss, there are alternative options if you’re looking for something unique or if your venue has restrictions on petals. Here are some creative alternatives:

Confetti: Biodegradable confetti can add a colorful and festive touch. It’s easy to clean up and won’t harm the environment.

Bubbles: Bubbles can create a magical, fairytale-like atmosphere as the flower girl walks down the aisle. Plus, they’re fun for the little ones to blow and watch while going well with almost any wedding decoration style.

Herbs or Lavender: Dried herbs or lavender can be a fragrant and visually appealing alternative. The scent of lavender can also add a calming aroma to the atmosphere.

Paper Flowers: If you want to keep it floral without using real petals, consider opting for small paper flowers as an alternative. These can be customized to match your wedding colors.

Incorporating these alternatives can add a unique and personal touch to your wedding ceremony while accommodating any venue restrictions or environmental concerns!

Without a doubt, flower girls are a delightful addition to your wedding, and their roles can be tailored to suit your preferences and the age of the child. Whether they’re scattering petals, walking to a special song, or tossing creative alternatives, flower girls contribute to the enchantment of your big day!

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