Foreigners Weddings in Las Vegas

International and Foreign Weddings in Las Vegas

International and Foreigners’ Wedding Dreams Come True in Las Vegas

Good news! Las Vegas is not the wedding capital of the world for no reason. In fact, even foreigners choose to fly in just to experience the very entertaining and fun atmosphere in Sin City, with the hopes of going back home as a newly-wedded couple after their foreign wedding. If you and your partner are one of those non-locals who desire to tie the knot in Las Vegas, Lucky Little Chapel says go for it!

Las Vegas Foreign Weddings

It is no doubt Las Vegas is famous to foreigners for its nightlife, gambling, and entertainment amenities. But the dreams of getting married at one of the wedding chapels have also become popular all over the world. Since 1931 when Nevada’s new marriage law has been passed, Las Vegas started its journey to becoming the wedding capital of the world and allowed couples to get married in the blink of an eye.

Foreigners Wedding in Las VegasCouples wishing to marry in Las Vegas can acquire marriage licenses on the spot without any hassle, wait time, or blood tests. This convenience brought weddings in Vegas to popularity. Aside from the fact that the marriage license is as cheap as $60, the Clark County courthouse is also open daily, even on holidays! Once they obtain their license, they have a year to have a ceremony performed, making it easy for couples to pick a schedule.

Las Vegas Weddings Are Legal Worldwide

In case you’re worried if Vegas weddings are only recognized in Vegas or the United States alone, we are happy to prove you wrong. Las Vegas weddings are legal and recognized around the world, making it a perfect wedding destination even for foreigners.

Lucky Little Chapel Will Turn Your Dreams into Reality

You don’t have to be a U.S. Citizen in order to enjoy the luxurious and elegant weddings in Las Vegas. In fact, you don’t need to break the bank, either. With our affordable wedding packages, you can surely afford to have that much-awaited wedding you’ve been dreaming of! Experience a unique and memorable wedding ceremony in Sin City at the Lucky Little Chapel.

We guarantee that you will have a classy, elegant, and yet fun wedding that you can only experience here in Las Vegas. We can take care of your needs from that sleek wedding venue to your stylish wardrobe and accessories. Look no further! Lucky Little Chapel is the right place to tie the knot. Contact us today to book a chapel!

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