Behind every love song, there is a beautiful story. Music for your wedding sets the appropriate and romantic vibe for you and your guests. As every aspect of the wedding has its own unique moments, it’s important to choose the right music playlist that reflects your style and love. Although it might be a challenge to filter through your favorite songs, here is Lucky Little Chapel’s typical rundown of where it might be appropriate to choose a signature song.

What Songs are in a Wedding Playlist?

The Ceremony

1. Processional

Depending on traditional or casual situations, the processional entrance is the entrance of the parents/family and the bridal party. Whether you choose to have a live band/orchestra/chorus or a DJ at the ceremony, it’s nice to have some type of music playing to honor your beloved parents, bridesmaids, and groomsmen including the flower girls and ring bearer.

2. Bride entrance

As everybody stands for the long-awaited bride entrance, some like to go more traditional with “Here Comes the Bride (Wedding March)” or spruce it up with something more personal. You definitely want a song to play for this anticipated moment!

3. Recessional

This is where the newlyweds exit and walks down the aisle together. It’s common for people to choose more of an uplifting, exciting tune to represent this beautiful moment of finally tying the knot!

The Reception

1. Cocktail hour

According to your wedding’s theme, create a vibe that’ll get people mingling and celebrating your love! Put together an ambient playlist and coordinate with your DJ about specific songs you want playing in the background. Keep this type of music relaxing and romantic so that people can get together and enjoy the bar and appetizers.

2. Entrance

After the bridal party is introduced, consider playing a song that’ll get your party excited and cheerful! This is the moment where you both are announced as Mr. and Mrs. and should be walking into your own party with joy and enthusiasm.

3. First Dance

The first dance as husband and wife is the highlight of the reception celebration. Think carefully about this one. It should signify something personal, special, and important for both of you. Go with a song that you both hold dear to your hearts. This song will be remembered for the rest of your lives.

4. Cake Cutting

During the symbolic cake cutting, consider going with something for more collected and romantic. The last thing people want is something loud and obnoxious playing in the background while trying to watch the newlyweds cut their wedding cake.

5. Father-Daughter & Mother-Son Dances

There are many song choices for both the father-daughter and mother-son dance. This is when the bride dances with her dad and the groom dances with his mom. This is a very significant moment for everyone, so choose wisely to honor your loved ones!

6. Reception Exit

End the program that’ll get everyone off their seats and heading to the dance floor! Your DJ is a professional at this so look to him for some guidance on what will get everyone celebrating together with some great dance music.

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