The different popular wedding styles have been taking over the wedding industry since day one. But what does each wedding style really mean?

Which Wedding Style Should You Pick?

When it comes to picking a theme or a style for your wedding, there are some factors you must consider before you can decide which one to choose. It could depend on your budget, your taste, your overall plan, and of course, your partner’s preferences, too. Here are some of the most popular wedding styles, as explained by <ahref=””>Lucky Little Chapel.

1. Classic or Traditional

This is a formal occasion usually held in a church, followed by a three-course dinner at a reception. The bride wears a white wedding dress, and the groom wears a classic black tuxedo.

2. Garden

A garden-themed wedding ceremony is a relaxed occasion that can be smart-casual or formal. The reception can be in the same setting with food trucks and outdoor games. There are also some who choose to move to an indoor reception for a formal dinner.

3. Vintage

Most vintage-style weddings adapt ideas from the ‘20s or ‘40s and are expressed through the apparel, hair and makeup, and venue decorations. While it can be formal at times, it may not include all the traditional formalities.

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4. Beach

This is usually a relaxed occasion where the guests are not required to wear clothing that is very formal. A wedding ceremony on the beach is followed by a reception at a nearby venue.

5. Bohemian

A romantic boho style has a relaxed yet elegant wedding vibe. It is often conveyed through the aesthetics of the brides and her maids, as well as the venue location and decorations. The ceremony is usually held outdoors with floral decorations and sometimes, in a beach setting.

The Bottom Line

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to make it worthwhile with a special theme or style that you think would fit your personality as a couple.

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