Selecting the perfect flower(s) for your wedding can be a rigorous process. With an endless range of options, colors, styling, and pricing, wedding flowers can be an important part of your decor and/or theme. One way to narrow down your choices of flowers is considering the season you’re tying the knot in. Not only is this a great way to confirm your flowers are readily available, but it can definitely set the tone of your wedding in any part of the year. There’s no right or wrong way in choosing the type of flowers for your wedding, but here’s a bit of inspiration on which popular flowers are in season for your special day.

Wedding Flowers Inspiration for Your Wedding



With a romantic story behind its origin, lilacs are beautiful in springtime weddings. With shades of lavender, lilac is a quaint flower that can be styled with other big or small floral options.


If your wedding theme is bold with a true spring awakening, using daffodils is the perfect bud. With shades of white, orange, and yellow, daffodils can definitely make a statement for any spring wedding.


Tulips have a wide range of colors including pinks, purples, yellows, oranges, and white. This popular wedding blossom is beautiful on its own or styled with smaller floral choices.


Gerbera Daisy

What makes summer weddings fun is experimenting with different styles of bold and unique flowers including the Gerbera Daisy. With an endless range of colors, this type of daisy is truly a summer beauty.


Considered the flower of the summer season, make your wedding stand out with the spirited sunflower. This flower would look amazing with rustic or barnyard weddings.


Lilies are absolutely stunning for summer weddings because of their different shades and versatility with different types of floral styling.

Wedding Flowers by Season



With its peak during the fall season, dahlia flowers are unique in its shape and range of colors.


Known for its earthy, bold colors tones, mums are perfect for the fall time. Its bold shape can definitely set a romantic tone alone or styled with other flowers.


Who said you can’t be bold in a fall wedding? Marigolds come in yellow, scarlet, and orange tones which is perfect for a true autumn wedding seeking vivid colors.



Amaryllis blooms just in time for winter weddings. With soft shades of pink, red, white, and even orange, its delicate shape is the ultimate charm for cozy wedding weather.

Star of Bethlehem

Perfect for a lovely white wedding, use Star of Bethlehem flowers as the star of the show or in collaboration with other bold flowers. Known for its white beauty, this flower is versatile and soft for any kind of wedding arrangement.

Snow Berries

What makes a winter wedding unique, is its exclusively to using accent details like snowberries. As it blooms in red, white and soft pink shades, snowberries give any flower arrangement a touch of winter.

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