Even though Las Vegas is known as the “Sin City,” where every gambling, one-night stands, strip clubbing, and all the other crazy things happen, it has a romantic side for couples. Weddings in Las Vegas are not a joke like how they are wrongly-portrayed in films. It can be a great city for love birds because there are so many ways to express your love in this town. You can propose most romantically without being cliche. However, for the locals, the usual Bellagio fountains and gondola rides at the Venetian can get boring. Instead, here are five of the best places to propose in Las Vegas before you tie the knot.

Top 5 Places for Locals to Propose in Las Vegas

Exciting Ways to Propose in Vegas Before the Wedding

Red Spring Boardwalk

With the Red Rock still visible in the distance, you can enjoy the trees and small water stream without the swarms of people taking pictures there. This is a more romantic and quieter option indeed.

Lake Las Vegas

This place has a European romanticism twist on it without actually flying to the Mediterranean or being stuck in the tourist trap of the Venetian. So instead of the gondola rides, how about some fun boating on a lake.

Nevada Southern Railway

A simple, quiet, and relaxing journey gives a throwback feel to any couple who would enjoy the 45-minute round-trip train ride from Boulder City to Railroad Pass Casino.

Neon Museum

An outdoor museum that can give you the perfect backdrop for your proposal is unique. “Neon Boneyard” has rescued over 150 out-of-use light-up pieces that can give you an eccentric vibe for your proposal.

Grand Canyon Tour

Proposing in the sky can be very exciting. If you are the type to spend more, then a helicopter proposal will be worth it especially if your bride-to-be is a fan of aviation. Yes, you can have a proposal and a wedding in Las Vegas for real! This city doesn’t only offer premium nightlife and entertainment, but also promotes love and affection within couples.

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