After months and months of planning, you just had a fabulous wedding! You shared precious moments with family and friends, hosted an elegant dinner and made an eternal life long commitment to each other. Now it’s time for the second chapter of your journey, THE HONEYMOON! A honeymoon is a timeless event, which will be remembered and cherished forever. When choosing an ultimate honeymoon after the stressors of planning a wedding, there is nothing more tranquil and euphoric than an all-inclusive resort. Here are Lucky Little Chapels top 5 recommendations for the ultimate luxury international honeymoon destinations.

Top 5 Carribean and Mexican Honeymoon Destinations

1.Riviera Maya, Cancun

Located in Cancun the beautiful Riviera Maya, is a decadent romantic getaway for newlyweds who wish to be overlooking the Mexican Riviera. With dramatic ocean views, this expansive destination offers the ultimate in romance. Relax and take in the breathtaking views of Riviera Maya from your resort.

2. Los Cabos

Nestled in the Pacific side of Mexico, the radiant Los Cabos awaits your arrival. Enjoy the sublime atmosphere of Lovers Island or perhaps the gorgeous breathtaking views of the Sea of Cortez. Newlyweds can enjoy a romantic ocean-side horseback riding excursion along the beach.

3.Ocho Rios Jamaica

Amongst the white pearl sands and jaw-dropping sunsets, Ocho Rios Jamaica is the ultimate in top-level romance. With an array of different lavish resorts, honeymooners can find the perfect accommodation to cater to their needs and desires. Delight in the decadent 5-star restaurants or enjoy tasty savory Jamerican jerk chicken.

4. Antigua

Culture meets romance when honeymooners arrive in Antigua. With over 300 public beaches with extraordinary views and glistening sunsets.

5. Zoetry Agua Punta Cana

Deep within the glamorous Punta Cana, resides the ultra-sheik Zoetry Resort and Spa. The 53-room boutique-style resort offers guests with undefined luxury and pampering. Home to an array collection of international premium liquor brands. Guests can indulge and delight in the different alcohol choices in between daily afternoon tea time featuring live plant tea infusions.

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