It may be your very special day, but the people around you, your bridesmaids, stand by you through it all. From dress shopping, to cake testing, and last-minute vendor calling, they are there for you all because they love you! So show your girls a little love on the way to the altar as well.

How to Make Your Bridesmaids Happy

As you are planning your wedding, you’ll likely need their help more than ever. But first and foremost, they are your friends even before you started planning your wedding. So make it a priority to keep your relationships stay strong throughout all the wedding drama. Here are some of Lucky Little Chapel’s tips to help you keep your bridesmaids happy.

1. Respect their life outside your wedding

Don’t let your best friends ignore their personal responsibilities and neither should you. Be mindful of their schedules when you have to do wedding errands such as dress fitting or going to an appointment with your florist. Keep in mind you are the one who invited them.

2. Ask for their input on their dresses

Sure, it’s your wedding. But they will be the ones who will wear their own dresses. So instead of forcing them to wear something you like, be open-minded and let them wear styles that will fit their body types.

Lucky Little Chapel - Happy Bridesmaids

3. Make them feel special

Your bridesmaids are also putting time, money, and effort into your wedding. They are also looking forward to your special day as much as you do. So don’t forget to give them the VIP treatment and give them proper acknowledgment.

4. Help them get to know each other

These girls may all be special to you, but they might not be all special to one another. Make sure to encourage them to hang out and get along together so the wedding will be a more fun experience for all.

5. Don’t forget to say “thank you”

You may have imagined an elegant afternoon tea party, but got a bridal shower bingo and mini hot dogs. You may have pictured a spa-day bachelorette but ended up pole dancing in a club. Whatever kind of effort they did for you, it’ll most likely not be perfect, but it’s still an effort. So don’t forget to be grateful all the time.

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