Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect rock or just looking for inspiration, the diamond shape of her engagement ring is very important. With ten unique diamonds shapes to choose from, your options are unlimited and can be overwhelming. Only you know her best, so take your time when ring shopping. If you don’t know where to start, check out Lucky Little Chapel’s ultimate guide of different diamond shapes for your future fiance’s hand.

10 Types of Diamond Shapes

1. Round

Also known as “Brilliant Cut,” round diamonds is one of the most popular shapes. Timeless and classic, this shape maximizes the light return from the top of the stone. Round diamonds are perfect for wide and thin hands. If she has shorter fingers, consider a small round diamond instead.

2. Princess

Princess diamonds are another popular shape with maximum brilliance. They have a unique square silhouette perfect for short, wide, and thin hands.

3. Cushion

A cushion shape is a combination of a rounded-square that has a romantic appeal. Its antique cut is flattering on thin hands with oval-shaped palms and narrow fingers.

4. Oval

This distinctive, elongated shape can give the appearance of slimmer fingers for short and wide hands. Its lengthened shape can also create an illusion of a bigger diamond.

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5. Pear

A combination of round and marquise water drop’ shape what makes pear diamonds special. This rare shape represents tradition, brilliance, and looks stunning on all hand shapes.

6. Marquise

Known for its ‘football’ or boat-shaped, a marquise diamond creates the illusion of an extensive silhouette. A marquise has a long and narrow shape for engagement rings that looks substantial on shorter fingers.

7. Heart

A symbol of love is definitely a heart-shaped diamond. Vibrant and rare, a heart shape diamond features a distinctive cleft at the top for superior brilliance. Avoid this shape on short and thin hands which can look “bulky” on these finger shapes.

8. Emerald

Derived from its name, emerald shapes were originally used on emerald stones. If she’s edgy and sophisticated, an emerald shape is absolutely lovely. Its long lines give this shape elegance and lots of sparkles.

9. Asscher

Part of the square-cut family, Asscher gives a vintage appeal with lots of shine and clarity. This shape features non-traditional cropped corners gives brilliance and character. Asscher looks magnificent on short fingers.

10. Radiant

As a non-traditional shape, a radiant diamond has amazing brilliance (hence the name). Featuring rounded, cropped corners, consider radiant a cross between princess and cushion. Radiant diamonds is absolutely flattering on wide fingers.

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