Autumn is a very romantic season to get married. It is when natural elements can be pulled off so easily and seasonal favorites elevate the overall ambiance of the event. Not only couples can enjoy the warm and fuzzy feeling foliage season brings, but also guests who witness them tying the knot. From the latest fall fashion trends to the adorable cakes and reception themes, every fall wedding will surely be memorable and extra special. Here are the Lucky Little Chapel’s essentials for the most wonderful fall wedding this year.

Cozy Up Your Fall Wedding

1. Plum & Burgundy Wedding Color Schemes

Sure, pastel and neutral accents are popular complementary colors. But leave them for spring and opt for plum and burgundy instead. Add a metallic accent to add depth.

2. Minimalistic Cakes

Rather than flowery or overly-decorated cakes, topper-less cakes are in for this season for a clean and textured look. Dress it up with drizzles of caramel or ganache.

image of shoes and bouquet

3. Long-Sleeved Gowns

As the temperature drops lower, long sleeves and cozy layers are becoming more and more popular this season. Two-piece separates and cashmere sweaters are not to be missed as well!

4. Wild Flowers

Freshly-picked wild-looking bouquets are the hottest go-to choices this fall. Use green and leafy arrangements for tabletops.

5. Rustic and Natural Decor

Take your decor to the next level! Go for tall and ornate candelabras. Accessorize with leaf-adorned branches to bring our a rustic and natural feel.

The Bottom Line

Sure, summer may be the most popular season to tie the knot for couples. But fall weddings make it extra exotic and unique. With these essentials, you can surely achieve the fall wedding of your dreams!

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