This weekend, surprise your significant other with a cute, romantic date! Spending time together will surely bring you closer to each other. To celebrate this weekend in a way that’s classic and unique at the same time.

Romantic Dates to do This Weekend

Just because Valentine’s Day is over, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate your love together! When you’re in the city of Las Vegas, there are plenty of things to do especially for couples. Seriously, we are even overwhelmed with the many activities there is to choose from. Whatever it is that you love doing there’s an activity calling your name! So if you’re planning on being couch potatoes this weekend, we suggest the following activities instead!

1. Boat ride

Somehow, the mood automatically gets romantic when you’re on a boat with your significant other. Just being there side by side and looking out at a scenic view together is such a relaxing date.

2. Ice skating

Classic, but never dull. Ice skating is a must during the winter season. It’s a fun date where you can get to hold hands all throughout, and it’s a good exercise, too!

3. Brunch in bed

Because Friday night dinners are way too overrated, why not just stay in during the weekends for brunch in bed? You can never go wrong with eggs and mimosas.

4. Head to the drive-in

Give movie date night a different twist by heading to the drive-in! Pick a movie that both of you will love. Don’t forget to grab some popcorn, lean back, and enjoy.

5. Fulfill your bucket list

Be it skydiving, flying in a hot air balloon, or traveling in a city you can’t even pronounce, do it! With your partner, the sky is the limit because he/she will be there for you no matter how crazy your bucket list is!

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