Drinks at any event is always a great way to bring your guests together. Whether if your next event is a wedding or simply a birthday party, there are creative ways to serve drinks that can make the event a lot more fun and memorable. Yes, a traditional bar is better than no bar, but here are seven unexpected ways to serve beers and cocktails at your next event. Bottoms up!

7 Ways to Serve Drinks at Your Next Event

1. Champagne glasses at the reception

When your guests arrive at the front desk of your event, have already poured champagne glasses or shots to pass out. This is an awesome way to greet them to the party and they have something to toast to when the event starts.

2. Ice bar

If you’re feeling a bit fancy for your next event planning, an ice bar or sculpture is the perfect touch. You can simply place bottles in or around the ice and have glasses for your guests to pour themselves. Stunning decor and drinks all in one!

3. On-tap station

A DIY beer bar or on-tap station will be the talk of the event! You can even decorate the station to fit the theme of your event. Don’t forget to keep glasses on hand for your guests.

7 creative ways to serve drinks at your next event

4. Glass beverage dispenser

Great for indoor and outdoor events, keeping labeled glass dispensers available to your guests is something for them to cheers about. Try sticking with popular drinks everyone is familiar with so they have multiple options to drink from.

5. Beer boat or barrow

Who said beer can’t be classy at any event? Fill up a barrow or rustic boat with ice, and simply stick your beer for your guests to grab throughout the event. This is an inviting way for guests to easily grab, and you can even have bottle openers placed at their convenience.

6. Make-your-own mimosa/sangria bar

What better way to do mimosas and sangrias than with a DIY bar? Place pitchers or dispensers with a range of fruit juices and alcohol for guests to pour themselves. This is an awesome way for guests to have drinks the way they like it!

7. Personalized bottle labels

To make your event unique, design personalized bottle labels to stick on beers. This can be a souvenir for you and your guests to take home to remember the special day.

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