New Year’s resolutions are known to get kicked to the curb a few weeks after January 1st. But if you have your significant other to accomplish them with, you might get a different result, don’t you think?

New Year’s Resolutions for a Better Relationship

Not only New Year’s resolutions are good for you as an individual, but it can also bring a valuable impact on your relationship as a couple. This is especially true when you have been through several years together, and things might already start getting dull and boring. Jumpstart your year right as a couple and spice up your relationship with Lucky Little Chapel’s resolutions!

1. Live Healthy Together

If you have been eating junk for the past few years, start changing your eating habits and hit the gym together. It’s easier to get motivated if you have someone to go through the transition with you. It helps to have someone motivate and push you to work harder towards a healthier lifestyle.

2. Stop Fighting About Petty Things And Be a Better Listener

Indeed, communication is the key to a healthy relationship. So stop nagging your partner with petty things not worth the fight and start being a better listener instead.

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3. Schedule Romantic Date Nights More Often

Don’t let yourself fall into the same old routine. Instead of sticking to the usual, keep the fire burning by planning different dates you haven’t done before.

4. Pick a New Hobby Together

Bring something new into your relationship by picking a new hobby together. Be it rock climbing, playing the piano, learning how to paint, go for it!

The Bottom Line

Welcome the New Year right and keep your relationship exciting all year round! Resolutions are not that difficult to maintain as long as you get your priorities straight and move toward a successful year and relationship.

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