In Las Vegas, weddings happen every single day. On the north side of the boulevard, you’ll see Las Vegas wedding chapels from left to right with couples gleefully tying the knot.

Thinking About a Vegas Wedding?

There isn’t a place like it in the country as Las Vegas offers wedding packages from affordable to straight-up luxurious. It doesn’t get any better than a quick, romantic Las Vegas wedding. The following are reasons why you should get married here:

It’s a one-stop wedding shop.

Are you planning a bachelorette party, reception, wedding, and honeymoon? Look no further as this city offers all that and more. Plus, your friends and family will only have to pay for one trip making it easy for them to join the fun. And we should mention, the bachelorette and bachelor parties are super popular here.

It’s so convenient.

Our state is one of the easiest places to get married in. There’s no waiting period and no blood tests. The application can be retrieved online and delivered to the Marriage License Bureau. All you have to do is bring a valid ID, social security card, and cash. Is there a catch? Absolutely not.

You can choose from a variety of packages.

Weddings in Las Vegas is super fun as you have the choice from traditional to themed packages. Traditional weddings are common in the city which typically includes wedding vows, a minister, a chapel, wedding music, DVD recordings, and flowers. Pretty much anything you would add to a wedding at home is already included in a package (minus the hefty expense). On the contrary, themed weddings require a bit more imagination. From Elvis Presley to Star Wars, there’s probably a package waiting just for you.

It’s affordable.

A fairytale wedding can wrack up about $30,000 on average. Shocking, right? Some couples just want to get married without additional costs. One of the reasons why people get married in Las Vegas is because of how affordable it is. Sure, you can still celebrate your milestone without signing up for debt. The good news, many Las Vegas wedding packages cost less than $1000.

The venue will do all the planning.

Hiring a wedding planner is expensive. When you want everything to go right, wedding chapels in Las Vegas understand how to coordinate the entire event with ease. All you have to do is show up, and they’ll give you a simple briefing about the whole process. It’s easy and less complicated.

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