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Las Vegas Wedding-Marriage Capital of The World


Las Vegas Wedding-Marriage Capital of The World

Las Vegas Wedding – Marriage Capital of The World

Las Vegas is known as the wedding capital of the world. Have you ever wondered how it became the wedding capital? Did people just decide that the desert was a great place to get married? Actually, Las Vegas became wedding central because it was and still is the easiest city to be married in. A Las Vegas wedding is the easiest!

Las Vegas is located in Clark County. The Clark County courthouse is open 365 days per year. Even on Christmas Day? Even on Christmas Day! And the hours do not change either. From 8 AM to midnight on any given day—no exceptions, you can show up and get your wedding license.

The entire process takes about 15 minutes. The Clark County courthouse is very efficient. You can even pre-apply online to shorten the process if 15 minutes seems too long! On busier days, like Valentine’s Day, you will want to get your license sooner so you don’t end up standing in long lines. But even then, it’s still doable!

Unlike other states, we do not require you to get a blood test.  There’s no painful needles or tests you have to endure.  Las Vegas Wedding does not require a waiting period. Did you just meet your soul mate at the slot machine? Great! You can get married right away! You don’t need tons of legal documentation. A simple driver’s license or passport from each person and $60 cash TOTAL, and you can get legally married. And a marriage in Las Vegas is legal all over the world.

Did you jump the gun and then decide to wait? No problem, your license is good for an entire year. And if it expires, you simply go get another one! Not sure where you want to tie the knot? Well you have over 50 options to choose from. Of course, we are partial to The Lucky Little Chapel Downtown, located across the street from the courthouse. We are conveniently located, extremely reasonable, our packages range from simple to extravagant, and our chapel is brand new!

The only thing you really can’t do is get married drunk! Unlike the movies, Clark County does require that you are sober during your ceremony. This is for your protection of course! But, then, that’s the best part. As soon as you are married, there is no shortage of ways to celebrate! From the casinos to every gas station and even stores like Target, liquor is available everywhere!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your soul mate and get to Las Vegas and have a Las Vegas Wedding!

The Lucky Little Chapel Downtown is a full-service Las Vegas wedding chapel and we offer a great variety of amazing, affordable wedding packages to choose from. For more information, call 702-539-4340, and a member of our team will be happy to help you!